Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky: What It is and How it Helps

Digital Game Based Learning by Marc Prensky What It is and How it Helps
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Digital Game Based Learning by Marc Prensky: What It Is and How It Helps – There are many recommended books that discuss learning methods on the market. And one of the best learning books that has always been a best seller to date is Digital Game Based Learning by Marc Prensky. This book can be the right choice for teachers, motivators, and other people who have similar jobs to buy this book. This book will recommend what games are best for any learning activity.

What is that?

The Digital Game Based Learning Book was first published in 2000 and is still valid for learning activities today. The contents of this book are about the application of games, especially digital games in the learning process. This is certainly useful for teachers and motivators who want to apply a way that is different from the traditional learning methods before.

Digital Game Based Learning by Marc Prensky What It is and How it Helps

How It Helps

It is undeniable that digital technology is also needed in the teaching and learning process. This book explains that using or applying games to learning is beneficial to motivate students and also achieve learning goals in a faster way. There are quite a lot of games that can be applied for learning. However, it is always necessary to choose the right game that suits the competencies and learning objectives themselves.

Playing games not only aims to have fun like playing online gambling. You can implement fun and practical games for learning activities like in Marc Prensky’s Digital Game Based Learning book. But, choosing the right game that suits your competency and learning goals is needed. And besides, you have to be selective when using or applying the materials of this book into the learning process today. Since this book was published in 2000, some material may not be valid in these days. Important things to be reminded are to get the main points of the method and you can do similar methods that are suitable with today’s digital technology.

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