Looking at The Potential of Digital Game-Based Learning from Marc Prensky

Looking at The Potential

A book by Marc Prensky titled Digital Game-Based Learning published in 2007 is an interesting reading. This book provides very complete information that can be used as a learning tool, this book also discusses the potential of the internet to help us develop ourselves and learn. There are also topics that resemble Nintendo versus Sony, Nintendo versus Microsoft, and Sony versus Microsoft. The level of sophistication of the world of graphics on personal computers has reached the highest level, at that time GeForce3 Nvidia. This personal computer is tough on the introduction of Broadband, not far from online it won’t feel so old-fashioned. This also applies to the world of digital games and is complete, which makes learning more interactive,

As sought in customer testimonies from the book “Digital Game-Based Learning”, this book contains an altruistic message. Marc Prensky is the future pattern and means used here. His opinion is not merely boasting or forecasts, but also backed up by credible sources. This can be seen from the way Marc Prensky gave citations to the work of the people he made the basis by including footnotes and bibliographies. There is one thing that Marc Prensky is fighting for here, namely human problems. The thing that happened to the television which now contained content was not educational, and Marc Prensky shortened it so that this did not happen again. These things can be done using technology and technology that can filter, sort, and determine content such as what we and our families consume. In addition, don’t forget to use the internet as well as possible for educational and matters by filtering out negative content.

Television setback as a learning media can of course be the eyes of children and grandchildren as the next generation for those who want to make it happen. These things are only a small part of the book, because each chapter of the book “Digital Game-Based Learning”. Each chapter is wrapped in packaging that inspires reading interest. Marc Prensky not only theorized, but also presented interesting things from case studies using certain terms. These methods create new principles and concepts, then build conclusions that turn out to contain a bit of an alias to predict it so that the reader is shocked. This book is rich in facts and statistics – some of them, while revealing the book “Digital Game-Based Learning” is also equipped with interesting facts, research results, and statistics that can be accounted for credibility because of the bibliography and footnotes. This book reveals that the potential to learn something digital with games is still very large and expensive, but there are negative and unavoidable possibilities.

There is data that shows that every day, the average teenager in the US watches television more than 4 hours, the internet averages 10 minutes to one hour, and plays video games on the console for one to two hours. After we think about it, it means that the potential to make the game as a learning media is very wide open. The fact is this is exciting for me, but if Marc is right, there is a lot of potential that has not been explored in the youth list and this book is a deliberate first step. Finally a book that can be used by gamers and game designers, students can share, parents and children can discuss and the left and right brain can enjoy.



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