Reasons Why Digital Game Based Learning Must Help Students

Reasons Why Digital Game Based Learning Must Help Students
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Reasons Why Digital Game Based Learning Must Help Students – The development of the digital age has influenced many aspects including education. Most people are interested in anything related to digital things, learning not only about lectures and discussions about material books. Most people use media to motivate their students to actively participate in the learning process. And Digital-Game Based Learning can be chosen as an effective learning method for that.

Using media in the learning process is mostly needed to be more effective and interactive in the learning process. And Digital Game-Based-Learning is one method to use media effectively to better understand and direct learning outcomes. This learning method involves computers and games to help students learn and experience.

There are so many games to choose from and apply this learning method. Through a sequence of actions and problems in the game, students can develop their intelligence and skills to solve their own problems that are rarely found in conventional learning methods. There are many games available to learn. But, choosing the best game is needed.

It is important to ensure that games can support learning activities and also stimulate students. According to Marc Prensky, educational games are games that are designed not only for learning, but are still intended for fun. This educational game is a combination of educational content, learning principles, and computer games. It is important to ensure that students will not only get better skills and competencies, but they must also be fun and happy when they do and experience this Digital Game Based Learning method.

This book has more than enough useful suggestions and strategies to implement. Teachers must find enough help from this book to make their class far more interesting and impactful. Finally, something useful like this is available and possible to use.

There is no denying that digital matters are important these days. Implementing Digital Game-Based Learning is needed today. Along with the development of digital technology, learning will be more effective and interesting through this DGBL method.

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