Secrets of Game-Based Learning from Marc Prensky

Many things nowadays are done using the help of technology. The same thing is applied to the education sector. You cannot easily do the education with the classic or traditional method as it used to. You need to try something new using the help of technology. This is one thing that you can find inside the book of Game Based Learning written by Marc Prensky. This book focus on doing the teaching using a lot of different games. Of course, the technology is one part that Prensky did not forget when he wrote this book. If you are interested, here are some secrets of the book that you can surely apply on your own in your learning process.

Focus on the Game
The first one is that you need to focus on the game. That is why the name of the book is Game Based Learning. It is because Marc Prensky wants to show that you can learn something while you are playing games. Many tutors and teachers made mistake when they want to teach something. They usually focus on the materials that want to be delivered instead of the fun that the learners will get when they are doing the game. Keep that in your mind.

Game Related Learning
The second thing is to find the games related with the learning. This is not something easy if you want to teach something specific for the learners. However, if you want to teach some basic things, then there are a lot of different games that you can use to teach those materials. Even though, you need to understand that there are some games or methods that you can use to teach some different materials. That is why you do not need to think very hard. Just make sure that the learners enjoy the games.

Let the Learners Move
The last secret that you need to know from this book is the needs of the learners to move. You need to let your learners move. Believe it or not, many people learned new things through something that they experience on their own. It means that most people are actually a kinesthetic learner. That is why it is not a bad idea to let the learners move while you are trying to teach something. Some of the learners might find it difficult, but the percentage will not be that much. As an addition to that, you can give those learners some extras after the game.



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