Amazing Things to Learn from Game-Based Learning of Marc Prensky

Amazing Things to Learn from Game-Based Learning of Marc Prensky
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Amazing Things to Learn from Game-Based Learning of Marc Prensky – Learning is not one important part of life. Unfortunately, this part of your life is not something easy to handle. As a learner, there will be a lot of things that slow down your learning process. On the other hand, as the teacher, it is not easy to handle a lot of students and learners with a lot of different needs. This is the main reason why Marc Prensky wrote down the book entitled Game Based Learning. This book is something that can help you to teach things despite of the variety of your students. There are some amazing things that you can find from this book.

– Teaching Methods Through Games
The first thing that you can get from this book is the teaching methods that you can use using games. For some people, game is considered as the opposite of the learning process. However, game is more attractive and this is the real reason why a lot of people prefer game over learning. This is the key that you need to understand. You need to find out the right methods of using games for your teaching process. Once you have found the method, you can easily teach anything using games to your learners.

– Different Games to Teach Different Things
The second thing is the kind of games that you can use to do the game-based learning from the book. When you are using game for the learning process, then you need to know that not all of those games are useful. Yes, this is the important thing that you need to highlight. You cannot just copy one random game because the things that you want to teach might not suit the game that you want to give. That is why you need to know find out which kind of game to suit the learning situation and condition that you want to achieve.

– Using Technology for Fun Learning
The last but not least is doing the teaching using the help of technology. Do you realize that most of the people nowadays spend at least six hours in front of their gadget, computer, laptop or some other similar things? That is because technology is more attractive compared with the classic or conventional game. It does not mean that conventional game is useless. It is not like that. You just need to take advantage of this situation to help you with the learning process so it can benefited you.

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