Digital Game-Based Learning By Marc Prensky: The Implementation

Digital Game-Based Learning By Marc Prensky The Implementation

Digital Game-Based Learning By Marc Prensky: The Implementation – Recognizing a problem and taking action to solve it are two different things. It is great to acknowledge the difference approach made by students and teachers. However, things won’t be better without any action to resolve the problem. Before thinking about any solution, have teachers list these points into their notes?
– The Challenges
Education has long history. For years, it stays on similar path, only with more methodical approaches. With the arrival of video games, things rapidly change especially for younger generation. It slowly affects the way they process information. Teachers could close their old book and should accept the new paradigm. Students don’t need to be told; they need to discover.

Within students’ perspective, learning and playing has thin boundaries. Thus, teachers should be able to find a way to incorporate subjects into games. Without this effort, they will continually fail to teach. The reason is simple; students cannot be educated using old ways. In 90s, only 20% percent of US student could survive learning through books. What about now?

Next time students have trouble with their grades, teachers might have to admit their mistake. The students cannot catch the subject because teachers present it in boring way. From one point of view, teacher might kill students’ potential to be a brilliant learner. This conclusion comes from the fact that teachers refuse to do the hard work of adjusting with technology.

– The Implementation
Not all teachers are stubborn. Many of them are ready to develop themselves and embrace the changes. In fact, some schools already implement game-based learning for their students. Take an example from the kindergarten students who learn alphabet after playing computer games. Elementary students recently get hooked to Playstation fused with K6 material. They get higher score in the next test.

Do you think that games cannot cover complicated subject? Then what is the multiplayer electoral politic game doing? Several students could join this game, each has their own role. If you want to teach economy, then ask students to play as financial traders in computer games. Ask them the consideration of taking certain decision or step.

There are many more samples of games that could be used to teach students on certain subjects. Surely, teacher could make a lot of other variations or even difficulty level.

People often get confused when they see problems with no step by step guidance to solve them. Using the digital game-based learning proposed by Prensky, teachers could get the framework. It is their job to make games that suits students’ style and need. When they did it, the barrier between students and teachers will break.



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