Improving Insights with Digital Game-Based Learning

Improving Insights with Digital Game-Based Learning.jpg

There is data that shows that every day, the average teenager in the US watches television more than 4 hours, the internet averages 10 minutes to an hour, and plays video games on the console for one to two hours. The data sounds conservative and does not cover all US teenagers, because at present there are no teenagers and people in time only accessing the internet within 10 minutes. However, Marc Prensky’s data presents valid data, meaning we take the positive side only. Here we can find out that there are many that are not yet classified in science and technology, especially information technology. The access of youth in the US to information is still not high enough, and the potential of the campaign to disseminate electronic learning with a game base is still wide open. Reading Marc Prensky’s book “Digital Gme-Based Learning” is one of the first steps we can take. In addition, we can also make it fun electronic learning.

This book reaps a lot of positive reviews from its readers, as we can see from the online web sales books and reviews written through articles in the search engine results. This book is recommended from various backgrounds, social status, backgrounds, and various times. For example, positive reviews from web designers, gamers, students whose teachers use this book as lessons in class, parents, teenagers, and children. They assume that the book “Digital Game-Based Learning” can trigger to discuss and know from different observations but in a fun way, and can be controlled by the human brain and left brain.

If Marc Prensky have a plan of making the second edition of the book “Digital Game-Based Learning”, many of the readers and reviewers submitted criticisms and suggestions. For the second edition, there is a desire to discuss electronic learning games around the world. This will make it possible for and to enjoy Marc Prensky’s books to be wider, because not only Americans or local residents can enjoy it but the whole world can also get in touch because they understand and use what Marc Prensky said. Second, the most widely criticized is corrective correction. Many readers who still have a lot of minor errors in spelling, symbols, layout, etc. which are actually very general, do not affect the substance of the book “Digital Game-Based Learning”. However, small things can be used by readers in enjoying Marc Prensky’s work. Good proofreading also represents professional editors, more broadly the professionalism of the company. Therefore, the conclusion, electronic learning games is a very dynamic aspect, and very wide open for those of you who have creative in this field. Marc Prensky’s book can open your mind to what is happening in the world of science and technology, the world of console games, the world of digital learning, technological improvisation to educate people, the ability of games to stimulate the brain, how practical an electronic learning game as learning media, etc. Your others will be very helpful and add to your insight.



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