Web-based Gaming Utilization in Improved Subject Notation

Web-based Gaming Utilization in Improved Subject Notation – Learning through digital games is usually called digital game based learning (DGBL). According to brom et al, digital game based learning (DGBL) is a software app used to promote learning through gaming. Schneider claims that the digital game-based learning method tries to use the learning and motivational potential of video games to teach popular knowledge needed by learners. Digital game based learning (DGBL) is designed to reinforce lesson materials using games and players’ ability to apply them to the real world, some examples of the digital application of game based learning are a game of freerice for the study of the English vocabulary, megalmaniac to learn to type quickly, and mathbreakers for mathematical learning. Already many are using digital game-based learning in all its activities.

DGBL can be used to teach new things because inside the game are educational and exercise elements. Prensky mentions the digital game based learning (DGBL) not only contains theories about the various games but also how we can find something in learning and exercise. Digital game-based learning is able to make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable. Prensky says “digital game based learning can play an important role in learning material that is not intrinsically learning to anyone but which needs to be learned,” according to the digital prensky needs based learning can play a crucial role in the boring learning material it is required to learn. Just as a history lesson or a law course is more enjoyable when it comes to learning media in the form of games.

Based on pretest and posttest analysis of every problem, it appears that there is a continued improvement in subject notation after respondents played a DDC based game web-based given by researchers. The biggest increase is the subject of “where customs, repudiation & repudiation?” with a 50% increase. And the smallest improvements are in where is law and where is public administration and military science? With a 9% increase. The difference in the percentage of the increase in subject notation could happen because of the influence treatment gained by the respondents. The questions that the responders at the time were random in any way possible that the responders have gotten any “where is customs, customs & adoption?” many times at the time of treatment and the responders may have just gotten the question “where is public administration and military science once?” at the time of treatment.



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