What Readers Say About Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky

What Readers Say About Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky
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What Readers Say About Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky – People have two responses to Marc Prensky’s book entitled Digital Game-Based Learning. Some of them are supporting the theory while the others are opposing the idea. Those who plan to buy the book might be confused. One option is reading reviews; not the one provided by the publisher, but the honest feedback from real readers.
– “A Great Book with Many Typos”
It is not surprising that many of the readers are those who are learning about the impact of game in learning process. Ever since the topic emerges, many offices and schools enroll their employees to gamification seminar. There, they find in the reference page about Marc Prensky’s work. The reader agrees that the advances in technology marks the new era of educational simulations.

People cannot rely on the books only. The teacher, if they want to teach and share knowledge to their students, should move from teacher-centered to learner-centered approach. The reader also appreciates the writer’s attempt to provide as many examples as possible. However, these samples are mainly focused in the US only. The book will be better if any references from non-US cases could be included. One more flaw that should be noted; the visible typos in the book.

– An Irrelevant Base for Educational Field
Another opinion on the book mentions the opposite point of view. The readers see Prensky’s work as the shallow explanation that excites those who haven’t learned about game-based instruction. He also adds that the book should not be the base reference of the field. There is plenty of misleading information, unlike the fix bonus and data provided by trusted online sbobet site https://homebet88.online.

About Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky

For instance, the book introduces the concept that people would be an immediate billionaire if they jump right away to the business. The reality shows different facts and it is clear that the game is just a toy for Prensky. It is as if he tells people to see things as nails just because he is holding a hammer.

Without doubt, the book sellers and publisher would introduce their products as great and valuable. For this reason, many buyers are looking for honest review from the readers before they decide to purchase it. This kind of review is even more important for controversial book like Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky.

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